need holiday so badly!

1 Aug

Cant wait to spend the holiday time with my husband. We have plan to stay at Steven Gerrard Hotel Bandung on lebaran days. Lets see if the hotel is really good. From the references at the internet, I found that this hotel is quite interesting, especially my husband is a big fans of liverpool. So I think its a good decision to choose this hotel for him.

Well, yeah we do need long vacation actually. Living in the big city where you have to deal with the worst traffic jam ever in the world everyday, make you lost your consciousness as a human. You are living like a robot. Home is not a home anymore, it is just a place to stay at night and sleep. And in early morning you should wake up and going to work again until late night. Oh how i miss my life in the small town. But yeah, me and husband..we are trying to enjoy our life here. So whenever we got time to escape from town and flee from daily routine, we use it as best as we can.

So.. its still two weeks before lebaran. Meanwhile, should be patient waiting for the day to come!






My Childhood

19 Jul

Back when I was child. I remembered my mother try to feed us, her children with a very simple menu : spinach soup and “tempe“. We were very poor so I can not eat more than 1 tempe. While this is my favorite food — until now. My mother always says “you should remember your sister and brother, and also dad is not coming yet for dinner/lunch, if you eat more than you should then somebody else will not getting his ration”. I learned to share and not taking someone’s right. Continue reading

Mocking as if it funny

28 Jun

If you want to make others laugh, make a good joke and not the bad one. I oftenly found a friend who likes to make the bad one. For me, it is not comfortable to laugh on something that could or might hurt the other.

There are differences between making a joke and mocking. Joke, is something where you dont have to use your friend’s nose as a funny thing. When you are laughing to your friend who has, let say, above average size nose, do you think its proper to do? Once you do it, she’ll fine. But when you do this over and over again..hmm I dont think so….she/he might be laughing too, but who knows deep in her heart she feels humiliated. Or when you are mocking about someone’s virginity.. oh man, please..thats not funny whatsoever!

Someone should learn how to create a joke without hurting others.


15 May

Sometimes, I just want to get rid from the crowd. I just wanna sitting alone and keeping busy with myself.  Sometimes, I don’t wanna hear anyone say anything. Peaceful is the word that i am looking for. I can hear the thoughts raging in my head. For all the things that made me feel calm, I prefer to feel it alone.

This world is full of people who pretend to be good, pretend to care about what had happened to others. But in fact they only care about themselves and gain satisfaction from listening  stories about the lives of others. They don’t really care about you.  After some time I learned to be more quiet, lock up and do not tell anyone about my personal secrets. A friend, you think that he is your best friend, can turn into someone you do not know, and he’ll tell your darkest secret to another.

Well yeah..thats a life …

Bold Face Changes

22 Feb

Nothing is eternal. Time goes on, life changed. Since we were born until now, there were many events that turn us into what it is today. But oh, despite being repeatedly faced choices in life that force us to change, still .. it’s not easy to choose and choose again. As we are growing older,  the more difficult decisions that must be taken, right? So..that is what I feel recently. Continue reading

Happy Valentine

13 Feb

Happy Valentine Dear..

This is our first valentine as husband and wife

with you my dear,
I believe on happiness is not too far beyond to reach
with you,
feel like everything is possible
with you,
I feel alive
with you,
I can surely say


Goodbye Whitney!

13 Feb

Whitney Houston


The Greatest Singer of All

Whitney Houston is a legend, generating more than 170 million albums worldwide.
To this day, there has been no female singer has the vocal power like Whitney.
As her fan, I had hoped he would rise from adversity and re-create the album. But now she’s gone.
Goodbye Whitney, you have inspired so many female singers in the world.
And your music has filled my youth..
I remember I were try to challenge myself with your song.
try to sing as best as you are..
thank you Whitney 🙂